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As a woman, it is tough to find someone you trust to teach you the important, sensitive, and personal stuff that you really need to know. Well, I found someone! I attended one of Dave’s classes a little while ago as I was worried about getting attacked, mostly where I work. The parking lot is usually empty or dark, and I don’t live in the safest of areas either. A friend of mine had attended some classes that Dave had and told me about them. After a lot of pushing from her, I finally went. There were 13 people in the class and 8 of them were women! I thought I was the only one worried about stuff like this. Walking into the classroom was actually the toughest part. Right from the start, Dave and his assistants made me feel comfortable (and not all girly!). There was a lecture part that really opened my eyes and then we all got up and started doing some great movements. I found everything to be easy and I could see where the skills I was learning would really do something. He even had this padded suit that made him look HUGE that I really could just hit hard! He would grab me or get me to do something and I could just wail on him. That was the first time I acutally hit something and felt good about it! I left there feeling a lot better about myself and a lot less worried about going to and from my car, or anywhere else, like shopping or whatever. I have since told all of my friends about Dave and what he teaches. I plan on bringing a couple of my closest friends to his next one and then bugging him to tell me when I can take the next level. Don’t think you can pass this up. I was scared and did not know where to go to learn self defense at all. I did not want to learn karate or whatever, I just wanted to know how to take care of myself. I learned it from Dave! He has this saying: “Everyone has the right to defend themselves, what are YOU doing about it?” He means is and he teaches it.

A.W. – Webster, NY

Basic Self Defense (SD101)

USCCA Instructor Certification Course Another amazing class delivered with precision and professionalism. Dave and Wendy did a fantastic job with the USCCA instructors training. This is one of the latest courses offered by RPD, LLC and it was executed smoothly with a good mix of classroom and range time in order to drive home the critical skills required to become an instructor with the US Concealed Carry Association. Over the past seven years I have taken a number of courses from RPD, LLC and have never been disappointed. This time I drove 800 miles from Florida to NY to take this class from RPD, LLC. No matter where you live, if you are looking to go to the next level, these are the people you want to see.

Jim Sloey – Cape Coral, FLA

USCCA Instructor Certification Course

It was just a phenomenal class and exceeded my expectations. It trained me to be more aware of my surroundings. No more will I just get up and open the door when the doorbell rings – night or day. No, I didn’t like spending time in that gross, creepy basement. But I learned things there that you couldn’t reasonably teach upstairs in the light! In short, the class was well worth all the sore aching muscles it gave me! The role playing made me think more about what is actually going on. I never saw the window open in the room when I shot the drunk guy coming at me! I gave you a plug on my blog.

SB – Rochester, NY

Home Invasion and Defense

Thank you for your patience with my wife and me yesterday. It was a struggle for us (and you too), but we felt it necessary that we take training.

We left the session with two things:
1. the small beginnings of confidence
2. a *full *understanding that we need to practice and sharpen our focus to develop the safe habits you teach and use. We intend to do so.

Heartfelt thanks again for your patience, your extra help, your advice on different target pistols, and your assistance all day.

Steve Murphy

NRA Basic Pistol

Hi Mike! We just wanted to say THANK YOU! My husband has not stopped talking about the course since Saturday, he had so much fun, learned so much, and can’t wait to do many more courses with you. I had a great time as well. I was pretty nervous before hand and even in the beginning of the course mainly due to my pregnancy but some to do with only shooting once before a few weeks prior to the course and I have to say I had such a great time, my favorite part was shooting. I learned so much and would love to take another course with you once the baby has arrived. One of my girlfriends took the same course last year with you and she loved it as well. I felt so relaxed and really enjoyed myself, you and Don (correct me if I forgot his name) did such a great job. I didn’t feel intimidated or judged I really took everything and learned from it and honestly I would have done the 150 rounds instead of the 50 if I wasn’t pregnant….. its funny because the next day after the course I found myself sitting on the couch and having a craving for shooting at the range. Thank You so much again. Take Care.

Tyler & Christina James – Binghamton, NY

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