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I’m happy to have repeated CCW1 yesterday. As always your instructors are professional & knowledgeable. I find it so helpful to get someone else’s eyes on & evaluation of my shooting. Would strongly encourage others to take these classes. Regardless of your own evaluation of your skill level there is always something to be learned. Your classes not just offer shooting skills but offer skills for the defensive mindset, which I see as “protective” mindset. You & your instructors never teach an “offensive” mindset but one that is to protect yourself & loved ones. They teach you to think & react for your safety. I look forward to participating in more training.My Thanks to you & RPD instructors!! (Matt, please teach St.Patty’s Day next yr!!!)

Hilde – Rochester, NY

Concealed Carry 1 (CCW-1)

I think the class was great. Everything we did dealt with real life situations out there in the world. Now that you are giving me the knowledge and the skills that I just might need one day, I will do my part to perfect them the best way that I can. To keep it short, just keep doing what you are doing and I am looking forward to the many classes that I will be attending.

Todd L – Rochester, NY

Defensive Pistol Skills 101 (DPS101)

I found Dave through his website when I was looking for a class in self defense. I’m a senior in highschool and want to be able to look after myself when I go to college. After talking to him, I attended his Basic Self Defense class and was, well, surprised at myself. What he talked about made me think (I guess that’s the idea) and made me realize how easy it was to not pay attention to stuff going on around you. I was actually worried about the skills as I had never done anything like this before. When it came time to use my skills on Dave (in his HUGE padded suit!!) I was so nervous I felt I was shaking. After three tries, I got it right and nailed him right where I needed to!! Once I got it, I could not stop, I wanted another turn, and another, and… well, I had to stop soon. I think now my Dad wants to take a class after seeing what it did for me! All I can say is that I got more than I expected, and want to keep going. Thanks Dave!

A.M. – Fairport, NY

Basic Self Defense (SD101)

HI Dave, thank you again for a great weekend of training and I can promise you that I will be back for more. I want to get as much training as I can to be able to teach as much as I can. Also thank you for not being the ” short cut guy ” it is important to me that the training I get reflect myself and how I believe firearms should be treated as to protect our rights of the second amendment. Thanks again Dean C

Dean C – Gillett, PA

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Workshop

If anybody is interested in learning to shoot the safe and correct way, this team of instructors are the absolute best! I have had ALOT of different ones, even police trainers and Dave and his team nailed it! I learned more in one day than the 40+ years i have been shooting. They totally know how to teach do every level of shooter can learn. Can’t wait to chose my next class!

Terry V – Rochester, NY

Basic Defensive Handgun (BDH)
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At Rochester Personal Defense, LLC we believe in training you, the average person, who wants to be safe. Self defense is just that - defensive, not offensive in nature.


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