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My interest in firearms started when I was 18, I was introduced to trap shooting by one of my friends. Not only was I taught about the fundamentals, I was also taught about firearms safety. When I turned 21, I applied for my New York State Pistol Permit. The day it came I picked up my first handgun, a S&W Model 66 stainless steel .357 Magnum. I taught myself to shoot it and used it for several years competing in PPC events. I also competed in IPSC shooting for many years. I feel any type of shooting is better than none at all. I had my heart set on becoming a Law Enforcement Officer and in 1980 I joined the Binghamton Police Department. In 1983, my Chief sent me to my first Firearms Instructor School. Over the next 20 years, I attended many firearms schools for the department and used the knowledge to train both seasoned as well as recruit officers.

My philosophy always has been not only to survive the confrontation but to survive the mental stress that eventually sets in after. During my career, I worked in the Training Division part time with my friend that shared the same passion for good, solid training, whether it be firearms, defensive tactics, or officer survival, as I did. Together we introduced many new and innovative ideas to the Department and to other Broome County Law Enforcement Agencies. In 1986, I introduced reactionary steel targets and moving targets. This was unheard of in those days when most shooting was done on paper targets only. I brought each Agency together making firearms and other training a county wide task instead of each doing their own. Members of each Agency enjoyed this and looked forward to future training sessions. This style training works very effectively when there are high stress incidents which involve several agencies at one time. During my time with the Binghamton Police Training Division, I trained nearly 100 officers to become New York State Certified Firearms Instructors. In 2000, my duties changed to our Traffic Division. I remained committed to training and attended many seminars on my own time. In August 2008 after more than 28 years, I retired from the Binghamton Police Department but currently am employed as a part time officer with a local village police department. Also, I run my business installing emergency lights other equipment on police and fire vehicles, which I started in 1989.


I have one simple rule survive. The simplest thing one can do is stay aware of his or her surroundings, make adjustments as the situations dictates, and avoid a dangerous event before it happens. If this does not work then you must have the best skills possible to survive a deadly encounter and deploy those skills without hesitation or reservation. Over the years, I have trained over 500 men and women of law enforcement, along with many civilians, to survive deadly encounters. Police must not retreat and are held to a higher standard but it is civilians who suffer in greater numbers at the hands of criminals. I bring nearly 30 years of survival/firearms training and experience to Rochester Personal Defense and for this reason I am committed to teaching both men and women the proper skills in the use of non-lethal and lethal force, thus making them more confident to survive

  • . NYS Certified Police Officer by Municipal Police Training Council (MPTC)
  • . ASP Baton Training Program by ASP, Inc.
  • . Glock Advanced Armorers School by Glock, Inc.
  • . ASP Instructor Training Program by ASP, Inc.
  • . Firearms Instructor Course by FBI Academy
  • . Law Enforcement Armorer by National Rifle Association
  • . Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness by NYS Fire Academy
  • . Advanced Firearms Training by FBI Academy
  • . Advanced Firearms Instructor by New York State Police
  • . S&W Handgun Armorers Course by S&W Academy
  • . Surviving Sudden Life and Death Encounters by Broome County Academy
  • . Advanced Pistol Skills by Jerry Barnhart
  • . Intermediate Defensive Handgun Skills by Insights
  • . Narcotics Control Technical Assistance Program by U.S. Dept. of Justice
  • . Glock Advanced Auto Pistol School by Glock, Inc.
  • . NYS Certified Firearms Instructor by MPTC and FBI Academy
  • . NYS Certified Police Instructor by MPTC
  • . NYS Certified Instructor Evaluator by MPTC
  • . NYS Certified Master Instructor by MPTC
  • . Advanced Training Skills for Firearms by Ohio Law Enforcement
  • . NYS Certified Field Training Officer by MPTC
  • . Highway Drug Interdiction by MPTC
  • . Transition to Semi-Auto Pistol by FBI Academy
  • . Glock Armorers Certification by Glock, Inc.
  • . Advance Defensive Pistol Skills by S&W Academy
  • . Remington Shotgun Armorers Course by Remington Shotgun Armorers
  • . Defensive Pistol Skills by S&W Academy
  • 2013. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructor Training Refresher
  • 2014. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructor Training Refresher
  • 2015. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructor Training Refresher
  • 2016. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructor Training Refresher
  • 2017. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructor Training Refresher
  • Instructed firearms for my department for over 20 years
  • Instructed firearms for other agencies for 10 years
  • Instructed firearms and other related topics, for 19 consecutive Recruit Schools
  • Designed curriculum on firearms training for the Binghamton Police Dept. which is still in use today.
  • Taught officers to become firearms instructors for 3 years
  • Range Officer for many local IPSC matches
  • Assist Dave Jenkins since September 2008
  • I give personal instruction in the use of handgun shooting upon request at the basic, intermediate, and the advanced level.
  • Instructor for Rochester Personal Defense, LLC’s Low Light Pistol Operator training
  • Instructor for Rochester Personal Defense, LLC’s Defensive Pistol Skills 101, 201 series classes

At Rochester Personal Defense, LLC we believe in training you, the average person, who wants to be safe. Self defense is just that - defensive, not offensive in nature.


Mon - Sun: 8:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

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