Matt Underwood

Training Coordinator/ Instructor
Brief info

I was introduced to the World of shooting at a young age by my Grandfather. At 8 years old he took me with him to the local shooting club and taught me firearms safety, using a pellet rifle and then a .22. When I turned 13 my Grandfather gave me one of my most prize possessions, a Marlin 39A, .22 Rifle. From this early age I have been involved in shooting and learning about Firearms use and History.

Over the next ten years I began to expand my knowledge about Firearms and began to collect various Historical guns. My passion for Firearms and History lead me to a History Major in College and then a brief career as a teacher. After several years in teaching, I decided to follow a different path; one where my love of firearms and background as a shooter would play a part. Over ten years ago I began a career in the Private security Industry. As part of my Job I have trained in various skills such as Close Quarters Tactics, Precision Rifle shooting and handgun Tactics. As well as Participating in several force on force exercises.

Outside of work I have sought to expand my skill as well, attending several rifle and pistol classes. I am now looking to merge both my Education background and my shooting and security skills into being Professional Firearms Trainer.


My goal is to bring the skills of an educator to the shooting range.  I want people to learn in the best way they can from me in a firearms class.  Real world instruction for the armed citizen in a way that is easy to digest and allows the student to achieve their goals.

  • 2001. Bahelor’s Degree in History and Education
  • 2004. To current. Private Security Training
  • 2008. MDTS Carbine 1
  • 2009. Defensive Pistol Skills 101 from Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
  • 2010. Tactical Response Fighting Rifle
  • 2011. Defensive Carbine Skills with InSights Training Center
  • 2016. FAST Handgun Instructor for The Second Amendment Foundation’s Training Division (SAFTD)
  • 2016. Range Safety Officer rating for The Second Amendment Foundation’s Training Division (SAFTD)
  • 2016. Defensive Handgun 1 Instructor for The Second Amendment Foundation’s Training Division (SAFTD)
  • 2021. Defensive Shotgun with InSights Training Center
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