David S Jenkins

Founder and Primary Instructor
E-mail: rpdllctraining@gmail.com
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You're safe until you're not. I have always believed that in one form or another. What does that mean? For a lot of people, their comfort exists because of many factors. They live in a low crime area, they work at a relatively safe job, etc. That means that their exposure to an incident is lower than someone that does not live or work in a safer than average place. I learned a long time ago the denial is a soft fuzzy blanket that we wrap ourselves in. That blanket provides no safety or security. Denial is an unsafe state of mind to exist in. Danger does exist. There are predators among us that will take every opportunity to do whatever it is they want, when they want, to whomever they want. All they need is the chance. We strive to train you to be aware, be prepared, and be able to be safe. You're safe until you're not. Think about it, then do something about it. We can help.


I started Rochester Personal Defense after discovering that there is a need for someone versatile to fill the gap between the small, feel good seminars and the martial arts dojos.

My interest in self defense started in 1993 when I was ‘introduced’ to the world of firearms by my father, who was the organizer of a pistol match at one of our local gun clubs. Right from the beginning, I felt I wanted to learn everything and anything about how to shoot my best and the legal rights and responsibilities of carrying a firearm. Under my Dad’s watchful eyes, I quickly worked my way up from the most basic levels to an intermediate point where I felt confident and secure with my skills. I started developing the mindset for carrying a firearm for self defense fairly early and it has since expanded as my skills have grown.

It did not take long to figure out that I was learning one solution of a wider set of problems. I started looking into other forms of self defense, such as hand to hand, sprays, impact type weapons, etc. I found myself attending many different schools as I learned. I went through a police academy and received a New York State Police Certification. I went to training facilities around the East Coast and took classes in personal combatives, tactical operations, SWAT training, baton, pepper spray, edged weapons, firearms, and evasive driving. All of the training and experience that I received from those classes has been whittled down and separated into what I offer in the classes I teach.


The basic idea that I believe in is simple: I want to be able to live my life without the threat or fear of something bad happening to me. I have taken steps to ensure that I will have a better than average chance of prevailing in any encounter or situation I run into. I will win and I will go home every night, no matter what the odds, no matter what the situation. This statement may sound aggressive or harsh, but it is true and it is the attitude that you should have or should start developing in your life.


I believe in the “why” behind the “what” in my training. For instance: when I am attending a class, I learn better and faster by knowing WHY I am doing a skill or tactic, WHY it will make me safe and WHAT that skill or tactic will do to get me my end result. I can translate this into my teachings. For instance: when I am showing a student how to counter a punch, I also show them how to set yourself up to counter a secondary attack as well as set up your own defensive attack. As the skill (the ‘what’) is explained, I also add in the ‘why’ which puts the skill into the proper context thus the student actually will learn faster and better.

Women and Self Defense

I have been teaching shooting skills and combative skills since 1998, and in the past three years have started to gravitate towards working with more and more women that are looking for self defense and protection training. In my teaching experience, I have found that it is difficult for women to even begin looking for an instructor or even somewhere to go to learn self defense.


Most women are restricted by society’s view that they should not have to protect themselves so they do not actively seek any training. They tend to face a multitude of barriers or hurdles; the biggest one is actually locating a facility for quality, common sense training, and then finding a competent, easy going, professional trainer that knows what to present and how to present it to the female student without seeming demeaning or pompous. The latter condition is the most important.


Just remember: You’re safe until you’re not safe. 

  • 1995. NY State Peace Officer Training. Served with the Town of Greece Special Police Force.
  • 1995. Certified with the National Rifle Association as Instructor for Basic Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, FIRST Steps, and Personal Protection Inside The Home
  • 1995. Obtained Glock, Inc. Armorer certification.
  • 1995. Range Officer status with the Rochester Defensive Pistol Associates.
  • 1995. Certified with Sig-Sauer Arms as Armorer.
  • 1997. Became an Instructor with Rochester Defensive Pistol Associates.
  • 1997. Certified as a “First Responder” for medical emergencies and trauma situations.
  • 1998. Police Officer Academy Training. Certified as a Deputy Sheriff by New York State Bureau of Municipal Policing.
  • 2000. Named Assistant Rangemaster and Lead Instructor for Rochester Defensive Pistol Associates, LLC.
  • 2002. Completed the “Unarmed Self Defense” course by Insights Training Center.
  • 2003. Completed “Defensive Folding Knife” by Insights Training Center.
  • 2003. Coach and attended “Unarmed Self Defense” course with Insights Training.
  • 2004. Coach for “Unarmed Self Defense” and “Defensive Folding Knife” for Insights Training Center
  • 2004. Completed “Close Quarters Confrontations” from Insights Training Center.
  • 2005. Completed “Intermediate Defensive Handgun” From Insights Training Center
  • 2005. Completed “Vehicle and Street Tactics” At Insights Training Center
  • 2005. Completed “General Defensive Handgun” from Insights Training Center.
  • 2005. Completed “Low Light Handgun” instruction from Insights Training Center.
  • 2005. Coach for “Unarmed Self Defense” and “Defensive Folding Knife” for Insights Training Center
  • 2005. Completed “Handgun Retention and Disarm” class from Insights Training Center.
  • 2006. Named Rangemaster for Rochester Defensive Pistol Associates Tuesday Eve Concealed Carry match and training class.
  • 2006. Completed “Intensive Handgun Skills” From Insights Training Center.
  • 2006. Assistant Instructor for “Unarmed Self Defense”, “Defensive Folding Knife”, “General Defensive Handgun” From Insights Training Center.
  • 2007. Completed “Concealed Carry Handgun” Training from Sig-Sauer Academy
  • 2007. Coach for Intermediate Defensive Handgun, from Insights Training Center
  • 2008. Completed “General Defensive Rifle” from Insights Training Center.
  • 2008. Completed and coached “Handgun Retention and Disarm” from Insights Training Center.
  • 2009. Completed Unarmed Self Defense II from Insights Training Center
  • 2009. Certified by the NRA as Training Counselor
  • 2009. Co-Instructor for “Close Quarters Confrontations” from Insights Training Center.
  • 2010. Completed “High Risk Driving and EVOC: at Blackwater USA
  • 2010. Completed “Custom Home Defense Pistol” training course at Blackwater USA
  • 2010. Completed 2 day “Custom Rifle/AR Skills” course at Blackwater USA
  • 2010. Completed “Shooting On The Move” From Sig Academy
  • 2010. Completed “Shooting Outside Your Comfort Zone” from Sig Academy
  • 2010. Completed “Defensive Folding Knife II” from Insights Training Center
  • 2011. Counter Terrorism Driving Course from US Training Center/Blackwater USA
  • 2011. Custom Defensive Handgun at US Training Center/Blackwater USA
  • 2011. Certified RAAP Instructor for American Women’s Self Defense Association
  • 2011. Custom Defensive Rifle at US Training Center/Blackwater USA
  • 2012. Sig Sauer Academy – 2 day Defensive Shotgun
  • 2012. Certified GLOCK Armorer
  • 2012. Sig Sauer Academy – Skill Builder Rifle
  • 2012. Sig Sauer Academy – 3 day Defensive Shotgun Instructor Training
  • 2013. Combat Focus Shooting from Rob Pincus of ICE Training
  • 2013. Rory Miller: Introduction to Violence: Dealing With Assault
  • 2013. Rory Miller: Introduction to Violence: The Essentials
  • 2014. Certified SABRE Personal Safety Academy Instructor
  • 2014. Completed Ret Lt Col Dave Grossman’s “Officer Involved Shooting/PTSD/Combat Mindset”
  • 2014. Completed Ret Lt Col Dave Grossman’s “Active Shooter Defense”
  • 2014. NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor Rating
  • 2014. Custom Rifle from Academi
  • 2014. Custom Defensive Pistol from Academi
  • 2014. GLOCK Certified Pistol Instructor
  • 2015. Custom Rifle course from Academi
  • 2015. Custom Defensive Vehicle Operation course from Academi.
  • 2015. Custom Defensive Handgun course from Academi
  • 2015. Appointed State Master Instructor for the Second Amendment Fundation’s Training Division (SAFTD)
  • 2015. Defensive Handgun 1 Instructor for The Second Amendment Foundation’s Training Division (SAFTD)
  • 2015. Defensive Handgun 1 from The Second Amendment Foundation’s Training Division (SAFTD)
  • 2015. Sig Sauer Academy – Bullets on Vehicles course
  • 2015. Defensive Folding Knife 2 from InSights Training Center
  • 2015. Defensive Folding Knife 1 from InSights Training Center
  • 2016. GSSF Civilian class winner. Twin Tiers Regional Classic. Pine City NY
  • 2016. TECC Advanced Medical Response course with EMS Tactical
  • 2016. USCCA Certified Training Counselor
  • 2016. USCCA Certified Instructor
  • 2017. Academi – Custom Instructor Training Development Course
  • 2017. USCCA’s Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Instructor
  • 2017. Completed the GLOCK Armorer’s Course
  • 2017. Completed the GLOCK Operator’s Course. Level 4
  • 2017. GSSF Civilian class winner. Empire State Regional Classic. Fulton, NY
  • 2017. GSSF Civilian class winner. Twin Tiers Regional Classic III . Pine City NY
  • 2017. Master Pistol Instructor course from Sig- Sauer Academy
  • 2017. National Safety Council Instructor – First Aid/AED/CPR
  • 2018. Completed Gabe White’s Pistol Shooting Solutions 2 days course. Dark Pin awarded
  • 2018. Completed the NRA CCW Instructor Training course.
  • 2018. Completed ALICE Active Shooter Instructor training
  • 2018. Completed Rangemaster’s Instructor course from Tom Givens
  • 2018  Dynamic Performance Pistol at Sig Sauer Academy
  • 2018  Completed Todd Rassa Home Protection Shotgun
  • 2018  Completed Todd Rassa Advanced Home Protection Shotgun
  • 2018  Completed Combative Pistol from Handgun Combatives
  • 2019  Completed Kinetic Combative Pistol from Handgun Combatives
  • 2019  Instructor Certification for Handgun Combatives
  • 2019 Adaptive Combat Pistol from Handgun Combatives
  • NRA First Steps, Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In the Home /Outside the Home, Rifle classes.
  • NRA Training Counselor for Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection, Reloading, Range Officer training
  • Private and multiple student lessons teaching everything from firearm safety to advanced pistol shooting and techniques.
  • Private and multiple student lessons teaching awareness and safety skills including unarmed combative response training.
  • Personally developed a curriculum to instruct personal defense and safety awareness and skills. Classes involve male and female students.
  • Host of a once monthly class for women’s self defense with 8 to 15 students at a time.
  • Personal trainer for private self defense instruction upon client request
  • Developed a program to qualify Retired Law Enforcement personnel under HR-218 Federal Law
  • Oversaw development of safety traiing curriculum for multiple ranges and educational facilities.
  • Involved in creating and rewriting the national standard trainign curriculum for the Second Amendment Foundation’s Training Division.
  • Regular involvement with local licensing offices and law enforcement agencies for civilian interaction and concealed carry requirements.


  • Coach for Greece Girls’ Soccer league 2001-2007
  • Volunteer with Daughter’s Girl Scout Troop 1997-2007
  • Volunteer leader for Son’s Boy Scout Troop 2003-2007


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