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Tactical Emergency Casualty Care For The Civilian


February 22, 2019 8:00 am
February 22, 2019 5:00 pm
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8 hours
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This class is geared for everyday incidents, from car accidents, to severe cuts and wounds. Our further series of classes builds upon these fundamental skills, but adds advanced bleeding control methods, additional airway skills, victim movement, identifying both physical and medical threats, surviving an active shooter, plus much, much more.


This program is for civilians who wish to learn enhanced medical skills to utilize in response to sudden, intense, and life threatening emergency situations.


This 8-hour course covers topics designed to decrease preventable death in a dynamic mass casualty situation.


Civilian First Care TECC focuses on the medicine during these phases of care and provides guidelines for managing trauma in the civilian tactical or hazardous environment. Unlike other variants of TECC, this program concentrates on civilian interventions, and eliminates the extensive field and evacuation care segments taught in the more advanced programs.


While TECC has a tactical slant, it takes an all-hazards approach to providing care outside the normal comfort zone of most members of the general public. This program is useful for everyday emergencies, or more severe incidents such as responding to a mass casualty or Civilian, Public, Mass, Shooting, (CPMS).


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care For The Civilian


Prerequisites: None for this course.

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Subjects Covered

Direct Threat Care: Care that is rendered while under attack or in adverse conditions.

Indirect Threat Care: Care that is rendered while the threat has been suppressed, but may resurface at any point.

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