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Skill Builder: Handgun Basics


July 6, 2019 8:30 am
July 6, 2019 11:30 am
5280 Emerson Rd, Canandaigua, NY, USA   View map
(585) 406-6758
Course Length
3 Hours
Course Difficulty

Required Equipment:
For this class, you will need the following items:

  • Your NY State Pistol Permit
  • A working handgun (listed on your permit)
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Water if required or needed

This course is all about shooting fundamentals, refinement, and guided practice under the watchful eye of our instruction team. No lecture session. All you need to know is how your handgun operates and how to be safe with it. We will teach you the rest.


This LIVE FIRE course is taught by highly skilled and experienced instructors who love their work. They all know the importance of starting out right; and they all want to help you build a solid foundation so that you will be able to fully enjoy the shooting sports for a long time.

Skill Builder: Handgun Basics


Prerequisites: You MUST be familiar with the operation of your handgun and the firearms safety rules

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Subjects Covered

Real Life Firearms Safety Rules

Safe handling of a handgun (loading, loading, and shooting)

Stance, grip, sights, trigger management

Basic shooting fundamentals

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