NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor Workshop


April 28, 2099
April 28, 2099 (All day)
Course Length
20 hours
Course Difficulty

Required Equipment:
For this class, you will need the following items:

  1. A working and reliable shotgun. Can be Pump, Semi, etc.
  2. Eye and ear protection
  3. 100 target load shells (#7 or #8)
  4. Weather related clothing and footwear
  5. Lunch, water, snacks

Most of the materials for this workshop are covered as part of the tuition. You will receive a list of additional required materials upon registration.

PLEASE NOTE: The course tuition includes the NRA Basic Instructor Training (6hrs), or BIT, the student level Basic Shotgun course (10hrs), and the Shotgun Instructor training modules (8hrs). All three modules are required by the NRA to become a shotgun instructor.

If you have completed either the BIT or the Basic Shotgun course within the last year, contact us.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an NRA-Certified Shotgun Instructor? It takes Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude. If you have all three, you may be a good candidate for the next Instructor Development Workshop (IDW).
Oftentimes, an NRA-Certified Shotgun Instructor is the first point of contact for a new shooter looking to learn about the shooting sports. That is an awesome responsibility to have. A good instructor will have a good approach to training, and possess a desire to help the new student succeed.


Rochester Personal Defense, LLC now has certified NRA Training Counselors that can teach new instructors to carry on the NRA tradition of providing safe gun-handling skills and education to the public. Our instructional methods have been used to create well-rounded students and instructors for other subjects and organizations.


Rochester Personal Defense, LLC will be scheduling Shotgun Instructor Development Workshop classes regularly. If you are interested in becoming an NRA Instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal protection, CCW and more, please contact us and we will let you know how to get involved.


All candidates must attend the NRA Basic Shotgun course as a student and pass the required Pre Course Assessment. The Pre Course Assessment is given prior to the actual instructor training. This can be done separately or as part of the student course. If done separately, it can take approximately 2-3 hrs and would cost 75.00.


NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor Workshop



If you are a new instructor candidate, you must also attend the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) workshop as part of this workshop. Contact us as we can schedule the BIT separately or in conjunction with the specific module training.

  • A current NRA membership or application during the workshop
  • Successful completion of the NRA Basic Shotgun Course or a passing grade on the course exam.
  • Successful completion of the Pre Course Assessment.
  • A working knowledge of Shotgun types and operations.
  • The basic fundamental skills of shooting a Shotgun.

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How to instruct students in the NRA's Basic Shotgun curriculum

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