Mother/Daughter Self Defense 10-12


April 28, 2040 (All day)
Course Length
3 hours
Course Difficulty

Required Equipment:

For this class, you will need the following items:


  • Comfortable clothing (jeans or sweats), T shirt or sweatshirt, and sneakers.

  • No high heels, sandals, flip flops, or hard-soled shoes.

  • You will be working in close proximity with others, so good grooming and appropriate clothing is appreciated.



Each registration spot is good for TWO people. When you check out, make sure you have only ONE spot in your checkout cart. The total cost for TWO of you is 60.00.

A self defense course just for Mothers and their Daughters! No matter where you go there are always concerns about safety and security. Even out shopping, jogging or driving, there are risks that can easily be avoided or defended against with a little preparation.


Moms: Bring your Daughters! Daughters: Bring your mothers!!


You’ll be surprised at what we can teach you using your own natural responses and we’ll show you how to discover your strengths and how to use them to you advantage.

Mother/Daughter Self Defense 10-12


Prerequisites: This class is on the low end of being physically demanding. If you have any questions about pre-existing injuries or limitations, please contact us before registering.

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Subjects Covered


"Stranger danger"

Internet/social media safety

Bullying issues

Introduction to defensive skills - front and rear attacks, wrist grabs, etc.

Setting up safety codewords

Body language

Safety at home, in your car, at the bus stop, in the street, and more.

Training Schedule


At Rochester Personal Defense, LLC we believe in training you, the average person, who wants to be safe. Self defense is just that - defensive, not offensive in nature.


Mon - Sun: 8:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

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