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First Aid/CPR/AED


May 7, 2019 5:30 pm
May 7, 2019 9:30 pm
300 Buell Rd, Rochester, NY, USA   View map
(585) 406-6758
Course Length
4 hours
Course Difficulty

Required Equipment:
For this class, you will need the following items:


None. All equipment and supplies will be provided

**All of our first aid courses are ECSI (Emergency Care and Safety Institute) certified and are nationally recognized**

Going with the idea that it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, everyone should learn about First Aid, CPR, and how to use an AED. (Automatic External Defibrillator)


When used properly, giving First Aid, knowing CPR, or how to use an AED can mean the difference between a rapid or slow recovery, a temporary or permanent disability, or life and death. Learning First Aid also means that you will know how to help yourself! Knowing what do do in a medical emergency will also lessen the stress, shock, and panic of an encounter, which will allow the injured person to receive help sooner.


Through live instruction and skill stations, you will become comfortable in applying First Aid treatment to a variety of injuries or conditions. There will also be a short test at the end of the course.


Included in the course will be a student guide.

First Aid/CPR/AED


Prerequisites: None for this course.

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Subjects Covered

Basic First Aid kit contents

Recognizing and emergency and the initial actions needed

Assessing the nature of the injury

CPR skills

AED skills

Cardiovascular Emergencies

Bleeding and other wounds

Treating for shock

Burns Head and spinal injuries

Chest and abdominal injuries

Bone, joint, and muscle injuries

Medical emergencies


Bites and stings

Heat and cold emergencies

Rescuing and moving victims

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