Let’s apply the same logic about gun control to something we’re all familiar with: Cars. (Thanks to David Swanick)

Remember: Your Second Amendment Rights are yours and the government has no power to remove what is not theirs to give.

The privilege to drive a vehicle is not a right. Even though you may think so, driving a car is not one of your fundamental rights.

We need common-sense automobile controls. Nobody needs a military-powered, high-seating-capacity automobile. Real motorists only need a Prius.

Your vehicle cannot go faster than 50 mph. No one needs to drive faster than anyone else.

Driving under the influence is a national health emergency.
Before you wish to own a car, you must first obtain a ‘Car Permit’. The process will include obtaining references, a mental health check, a criminal record check, and a full law enforcement investigation.

All buyers must pass a comprehensive background check (prior to each purchase) to see if they are eligible. There will also be a 5 day wait on delivery.

We need laws to allow neighbors, school officials, and family members to identify high-risk motorists so we can seize their vehicles before a tragedy occurs. Drive over a curb at the end of your driveway, you’re dangerous. No real proof needed, just the thought of danger. We have to do something, right?

All cars should come with breathalyzer/ignition interlocks. For safety and the children. Think of the children. If you’re not planning on driving drunk, you should have nothing to fear.

There’s no need for you to purchase more than one full tank of gasoline per month. The buyer will submit to a state mandated instant background check prior to each gasoline purchase. The gas station will keep a written record of each purchase and submit that record to the state every week.

There will be places where driving your vehicle is prohibited. This may change at the will of the local Dept of Transportation. Certain roadways, parking lots, and areas as specified by law. Also, government officials and other politically appointed people will have special permission (no additional reasons) to drive in those prohibited areas.

If you come across an area that is prohibited, you must properly unload your vehicle’s fuel tank and store the vehicle and gasoline safely and separately.

You will be required to possess an insurance policy of at least 1 million dollars to insure that other people injured by your vehicle in case of theft are covered.

If your vehicle is lost or stolen, your ‘Car Permit’, operator’s license, and all other vehicles in your possession will be confiscated by law enforcement. You will be required to hire an attorney and prove that you are a responsible vehicle owner. Then, maybe, you can retrieve your personally owed property. if the judge deems it so.

If you put any one of the following features on your vehicle to make it faster and more deadly, you are in violation of the NY State Assault Vehicle laws:

Racing stripes
Custom wheels
Larger tires than factory specification
Off road tires.
Tinted windows (any)
Auxiliary lighting
Radio louder than 40 decibels. No one needs a radio louder than 40db.
Your car, if painted black, is more deadly than others. That color alone is scary and will make your car seem evil.

How far shall we go? Are you seeing the correlation yet?

How about housing? Maybe you should have a criminal, mental, and reference check to buy a home? What if you were limited to a specific number of bedrooms based on someone else’s ideas of need? You would be told that you have to live in one area vs another because of your choice of housing.

Oh, that would be discriminatory, wouldn’t it?

Even though the media and certain political figures are making you focus on the issue of the badly worded term called ‘gun violence’, this supposed crises is not what you think it is. There are far more deadlier issue out there (vehicles, pools, household chemicals, skateboards, bikes, etc) that we just take for granted.

More lives are saved by firearms than are taken. That has been proven time and time again. How many lives has a swimming pool saved? A bicycle? Your car?

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Another source for info:

Stop letting yourself think that curtailing one of your fundamental rights is a good thing. The Second Amendment was place as #2, right behind our First Amendment for a reason. If you look at EVERY SINGLE country in history where the right to bear arms, possess ares, and defend yourself was removed, horrific things happened. Venezuela is our most recent example.

Stop the madness people. Stop being led by the nose. Think for yourselves.

You’re better than this.

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