Welcome to Rochester Personal Defense, LLC


Rochester Personal Defense, LLC offers a full complement of firearms, self-defense and pistol permit training classes for private citizens and Law Enforcement. The instructors at Rochester Personal Defense, LLC have taught thousands of men, women, and children with a simple philosophy: we will work with you in any way that benefits you and ensures you get the most out of your self defense training.

At Rochester Personal Defense, LLC, we believe in training you, the average person, who wants to be safe. Self defense is just that - defensive, not offensive in nature. You will become an ordinary person with an edge, who is ready and able to defend yourself appropriately when needed, guided by the laws and morals you already believe in.

Come train with the staff of Rochester Personal Defense, LLC and experience real training for your real life.

All of our instructors are fully experienced and certified by the National Rifle Association as well as other nationally recognized organizations to teach in their own subject matters. Each instructor progresses through our own intense instructor development program so that the main idea and values of Rochester Personal Defense, LLC are maintained. Our instructors' educations are not just from books. They have experienced real life; and they bring that knowledge to the classroom for your benefit.


Our methods are used as models of training for many different processes. From basic firearms training to court systems, the sound principles behind our training concepts produce real, life-changing results. We provide a simple, proven, training method which can be built upon so that you may quickly and easily move from the beginner level up through to an advanced level in order to develop the skills needed to go home safe every night.